Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscar "Best Animated Film"

Much has been spoken,  if Brave deserves the Oscar and i couldn´t pass this opportunity to talk about it. I know that for those who are always behind a film,is  really they are difficult or very easy to work on it, is that when you work in the middle of the classical or 3D animation or VFX you have a grade  of complication. For me

animation or VFX generally are a work of art, is impressive how  these artists give life to a character, object or story. 

They spend hours of their time to develop these techniques and not just talk about classic animation also 3D animation and VFX to take time, not as easy as many think, a button and that's it> _>, there is often to develop new technologies to develop the desired effect.
I believe that each of the existing techniques of animation are difficult  and beauty , and we have to recognize   often nobody considers that   :/  , or many people don´t realize, that what  they see in a movie or a video or short film required a lot of effort, hours of sleep, frustration, etc. have no social life.

But yet despite all this sounds like a nightmare, when you love what you do that  does not matter,  all that disappears,  when you see that to which you dedicate hours of your life become hours of hard work in just few min. you see it come true. Its Alive! that's when it's worth it. That's how I recognize the work of all these people working or we carry some of this and so I want to acknowledge the efforts of all the creators behind these animated films nominated for the Oscar. Brave, ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, Pirates, Wreck-It Ralph.

I want to focus on the films I´ve seen, well Pirates  I haven´t seen  so I won´t speak of it.
Brave ParaNorman, Frankenweenie and Wreck-It Ralph, two of these films are made in the art of 3D animation and 3 Stop.Motion and mixing these in 3D
So I start.

Wreck-It Ralph I like it, was a funny movie, see some characters from 8-bit digitized (3D), the dream of many gamers , gather their favorite video games  character together or why not see the pink side of the villains,  in the end everyone has a heart or not? and soemthing better all combined with a healthy dose of sweets candies yummy . But wait a bit more that, we will see more of Wreck-It Ralph ,so we'll see.

Paranorman Norman´s  history  is just a child "normal / strange" to his family but with a special touch, he is always accompanied by ghosts "everywhere" and I have to admit that made ​​me laugh too. I also really liked the characters are nicely detailed and animated in the art of old school stop motion, which also has the 3D , good but that does not diminish the degree of difficulty and detail;) in the realization of these models. ParaNorman was a strong candidate may have been a favorite for an Oscar for his artistic side.

Brave Oscar winner for "Best Animated Film" is a beautiful story I will not deny, but enters the Disney classics highlighting the themes of family unity, love and be brave and do everything you dream about this with a mixture of humor from the triplets, I think we've seen this before in other Disney-Pixar´s movies. I will not deny that something that I really liked and I recognize the entire team of Brave was his character design and especially the beautiful hair of Brave, at last we can see more real hair :) in a 3D animated film and the water detail, looks amazing congratulations for this achievement.

Frankenweenie for me this was his year and that was his Oscar, the story is too poignant if mourn me much much , but also the enjoyment too, is one of those movies that you enjoy from start to finish, you will experiment many  feelings during the whole movie and  after 28 years Tim Burton made ​​hi dream come true to see Victor and Frankenweenie Alive!!!.
If you do not know, this movie start 28 years ago as a short film.
In my opinion this is the year of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and with a story where he put his heart, one of his most intimate and closer films, you notice that when a story has all these details, when history speaks for itself and when in the comfort of your seat you go through several moods like happiness to sadness and happiness again with an  tribute to the classic horror and of course in Black & White.

Tim Burton always been very close to stop motion animation from the beginning of his carrer and what better tribute to Frankenweenie to do in this art that he enjoys and that throughout his career enjoyed great entertainers that have helped to carry out these projects, as I mentioned before cheering is not easy and requires a lot of time especially patience, dedication and love for this art, but also Frankenweenie mixes animation  3D, a technique that used in previous projects. Which by the way I was able to see his puppets in the exhibition but I will tell you about that in  another time.
Tim Burton and his team Put their heart and creativity to this project  i'm not saying that the other films  haven´t done that, I think every film  made it in their  own style, in my opinion Frankenweenie had all the ingredients that have earned the Oscar.

That for me and all your followers you won the Oscar Frankenweenie (Tim Burton) !!! and what better prize to have all the  support, love all your followers!!
Tim Burton´s Draw Red Carpet "Academy Awards

This is just my opinion :) if you share or have another idea is valid, there are likes  for every mind .
And do not forget to support animation and VFX this beautiful art that has led to great stories to the big screen and we have enjoyed a lot.

So,  artists  continue fascinating us  with these great stories and creativity.

We read us soon .

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