Monday, April 16, 2012

DESTINY or Not - Radiohead & Johnny Depp

Destiny? = Imagine that happen to me ((((’.’)))) I muerooo, I speak to him ,hug, grabbed him to kisses XD haha …. perhaps my fate playing with me ¿?….. / Silly girl … hahaha XD What would you do ?
Have you ever feel like this situation at any time in your life when you one day like any other day you decide to take a walk , go shopping, taking a coffe, decide to go take pictures, going a museum or like this video in a music store or much more examples , you are in your normal rutine and suddenly next you or sitting next you you feel that chemestry or energy that make you turn but you cant because you are shy or scared to discover why but when you broke that imaginary wal and turn and find out that person is doing same thing to you and just waitting for you turn and smile or cross sight and when you finally do that you feel that enrgy around your body that you cant describe that makes you get your mind blind feel butterflies in your stomach and you dont know what to do speak , or not ask something or not start thinking a silly excuse and while that is happening in your head in min, sec, that person might be is feeling same way but is waitting for you to do something , might be is shy or wondering might be you wont do nothing, and after all decide to walk away and you just stay there with all you possibilities and chances around your head , you see is gone but that anxius you feel nervous or call it butterflies makes you try again you go look for that someone bt you see is gone but oh surprise destiny playing withyou give you another chance to talk you try you have now in your mind how to start you are completly decide it when the bunch of nervous betrayed you and dont let you , you are more shy that you imagine and you cant be more strong than them that you leave thinking might be that person was your half heart you be waitting for so long and destiny played with you giving you the chance to know that half you just let it go like the girl in the video awww she got big chance but she just let it go ;=) .

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