Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why A Blog


I´m Virideth  and this is my new blog And the question is Why i made this Well simple A Want a space to share & write things that happen around where i am and of course things that are in my head and not letting back my interest and opinions on different things. 

I love music and photography and of course movies,series, travel,art , design, i can make a big list about the things i like so i will left the list until here because might(becouse will be hard for me sometimes ) be during the blog i will share. 

Of course for made a blog wasn't very Easy decision for me i pass mm ... almost a year thinking about it yeah ¡¡¡ i was so hesitant but well somethings and change in my life make me do the possibility  of create it so i will do my best for make it work :D 

Life is a big box such of full of surprises,dreams , events sometimes good ,sometimes bad or really really  hard  that sometimes make you  think and share that moments and of course this make you grow and mature during the life, because  nobody said it was easy to grow as a person yeah sometimes it´s but this is life for living it enjoying it some say is for to endure, overcome, learn,love,Grow up. admire,cry,laugh and more.. everyone has there own opinion because everyone has different experiences and lives.

Some people ,we like to search the trunk of memories that time to other like we store them in the heart and mind while others took them in the photos, videos or blogs where we keep all those moments and ideas and opinions as well as images that are important with us in our experiences, in my case i love to serch in the trunk of memories.

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